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Basildur - Application


My name is Basildur,
I am a level 6 Lore-master.
I was born in Bree but I really do not remember much else. I was left unconscious and my memory fails me. However, when I wake up I had a pendant in my pocket with the inscription "?nen i-Estel Edain, ?-chebin estel anim".

My name is Vasilis. I am 29 years old. Born in Greece and for the last 10 years I have studied and worked  in the UK. I am an archaeologist and currenlty I am finishing my doctoral thesis in the University of Southampton. I have not been playing much online games but I have tried SWG about a year ago joining  the Imperial Army guild. I can be a dedicated member but because of my profession I will only be able to play during weekends and bank holidays. I have joined LOTRO on Friday 4th of May, the same day of my viva voce.
Looking forward for your decision.


Realyl nice to meet you my friend, i can see i have brought in a good member.
Welcom, and i hope to see you more often !
[Image: Duro+NL.png]


Ahh, another academic in our midst!

I too studied for a phd, in computer science.  I've done all the research, but I don't think I'll ever find the time to write it up now I have a full time job and a wife and kids.  (And a kinship to lead!)

I'm sure you'll find a great home here with us, lovely to have you along, and good luck with the thesis!


Welcome aboard, very much glad to have you with us.. And also to note, I hope  in a future not so far we shall be colleagues for I am studying archeology back here in Croatia and simply adore it.  Smile
Also, if you have any connections on squeezing me on any of your excavations please do tell..  Wink


Kalimaira Vasilis

Welcome my friend

nah steh kala


Welcome aboard Basildur - interesting to see u are an archaeologist I live near Hadrians Wall in Northumberland so if I see someone digging I will give u a shout.


Ah, an archaeologist! Don't go digging up all the people Meth has killed!


Quote:Don't go digging up all the people Meth has killed!

Hey! I don't kill people.  Well, orcs maybe.  And Wolves.  And nasty people.  Ok, so I do kill people, but no more than you :p


Thanks for your interesting comments, see you online... Smile


Well done Basildur,

My officers tell me very good things about you, so I'm pleased to promote you to the status of a Full Member.  I'm sure you'll be at home in our alliance.

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