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General Meeting (Sunday June 10th, 1600 UK Time, Kinhall, 1 High Road, Lightgard)


Yeah, working now, thanks!
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I tried to send a mass email to all registered users about our plans and specifically the meeting. Apparently it only allows 50 an hour (as per Crucio) as of the 252 users, only 50 got it. Have to come up with another plan. Skjalar and Ell were on there and didnt even know about it.

Solution for now was to send it to the top 50 posters (incidentally thats anyone with more than 320 posts) #funfacts


That would skip newer players and those such as myself. Have you continued to send mails?


I've sent out some individual PMs, and also posted on in-game World chat since Friday. I'm assuming Eres will have continued posting in batches of 50.


Yep sent out another two batches there last night. Hit everyone I would have wanted to at this stage I’m guessing.


Hi Kairo and all dear old twa fellows!

I've  got Eres's email (thanks Eres!). Glad to know old TWA has not passed away!

As I stopped playing five years ago (hopefully someone still remembers me? Tongue) and my subscription was to old Turbine and also ended when I cancelled my credit card, I'm not even sure I can retrieve my lotro user.

I've checked the game, it has started updating and has been so for the last 2 hours. I actually remember my lotro user but not my password, and it seems my computer has forgotten it too (I only keep one of the two I had back then). Then, when I ask lotro to reset my password, it answers to try again later.

Anyway, I stopped playing in 2013 because I didn't feel in the Tolkien's universe any longer. I might check the game again, but probably won't be up to endgame group content. But thought to come here and tell you that I still remember the kinship with fondness.

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up, have fun and long life TWA!



Good to hear from you Maegluin, and of course you're remembered!

I just want to add that endgame raiding is not going to be the principal point of a restored kinship. Some of us will of course try our hands at it, probably in the context of a wider alliance, but most people can no longer commit the great swathes of time necessary to learn a difficult raid. The object is to have a pool of friends available to run instances, help each other upgrade and experience new material as it comes out. And while I agree that we have gone rather sideways to Tolkien's original script, it's recognisably his universe, and a lot of the recent expansions has been good fun.


Timing is a bit unlucky; just when the bbq gets fired up... will see what I can shuffle around and else I'll see you on discord or ingame soonish...


Would be careful with non-member permissions as granting permissions opens our Discord up as a public server Smile


(10 Jun, 18, 12:44)Crucio Wrote: Would be careful with non-member permissions as granting permissions opens our Discord up as a public server Smile

Agreed mate. But seeing as I cant add people as members its important for today's meeting that peeps have access. I'll switch it back once i get permissions off you to do that (which would be great please). Smile

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