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Fresh layout


There is no option to add a creep character in the LOTRO member list. The only races available are all freeps!


Strange Bel, I tried and can still add an Elf Wink


(04 Apr, 14, 05:46)Grimdoin link Wrote: Strange Bel, I tried and can still add an Elf Wink

I don't understand what you mean. Can you add a creep character? I have been trying to add a warg, but there is no option for that.


he's saying elves are creepy Tongue (which they are of course)


Mobile version now showing forum listings, TWAtter, recent posts and a very nice arrow. Lovely!


Ooh, most excellent work - well done indeed!


Can we get WildStar added to the members section please?  There are a few of us with pre-orders etc so would be good to see who has it and in-game names when it is released on the 31st May Smile


Any time frame on when mumble and events will be added to the website?


I defer to Ingaras on those, Events is his baby. As for the mumble plugin, it's not a great piece of code, often causes lag or doesnt load, it will be there if we can get it to work properly and find a good place for it

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