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Ithildina LM at the gate

(This post was last modified: 14 Jan, 14, 22:03 by ithildina.)

ithildina lm 35
sylviaDraconis hnt 55
teiwaz rk 45
eorlmon cpt 25
mithrillian metalworker na

20ish BST/GMT UK

prevous xp none, (evony and DnD)

kins: riders of ME(capt -in because of the name amd activd chat), fererino nossio(chat good conv), left Awyn as chat dead only 1 member on at a time (felt like it)

main erm...

ithildina, orphan good at playing hide and seek, idolises mages and wizzards, called crow storm, hawk sparrow, hasnt found good names for bear cat and boggy

sylvia, orphened by dragon attack on home village flead to woods to survive alone till years later

teiwaz, born with arrow T birth mark and damaged left hand, trained as a rune keeper, cos...

eorlmon, noble lords 3rd son, whole family killed in dunlander/ork raid and lands lost, raised by capt of farthers men

origional eh

Fell, Raid V interested, deeds more important than Xp
Rp can do

knocks at gate
oi Duravar is this the right building?


Hi Ithildina and welcome to the forums. An officer will contact you in-game shortly.


Could whoever invited this recruit during the raid on Tuesday please make an initiate thread!


it gots deleted :/
I will do it again

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