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re-applying - Dimgo


I re-use and update my old application from 2007, hehe

Guardian, lvl 39
Crafting: Armourer

Background story
Being the son of a miner, Dimgo didnt want to dig his own tunnels, he wants to explore the old caves and tunnels of the earlier ages. Growing up stronger and more fit than his friends, he allways stod by their side defending them against animals or hostiles. He found his satisfaction in helping others. He has left his home in the Lonely mountains to join the Dwarves in Thorins halls. But soon he realized that he was ment for a bigger purpose, helping someone in a great task. He is still searching for what that is.

Im Joakim Eriksson from Sweden, a 38 years old photographer (authorized google photographer, interior, modells, commercial, kind of stuff). I am married and I have two daughters. (9 and 11 years old, who also loves playing MMOConfused and Minecraft)
I've been playing Anarchy Online, EVE, Project Entropia, WOW (And lots of other stuff during the years). Now I've quit that subscription for my life time account on LOTRO.

I've ben vary busy and havent had time to play that much. Things start to get better timewise so I'm looking forward to more LOTRO again. I'd love to rejoin the best kinship on the server. Hope to find some of my old friends still active and playing Smile

best regards
[Image: dimgo.jpg]


Good to see you found it Tongue

We'll keep an eye out for you in game or just poke us Smile

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