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Application by Elenture


Hello, my name is Josh. I'm 19 years old and I live in the Netherlands. My timezone is CET. I've played numerous online games and MMOs in the past 10~ years, including Runescape, MapleStory, SK, FFXI, League of Legends, and others. Not currently playing any MMO, and haven't been for about ~6 months.

My main character on LOTRO is an level 15 (currently) Elf Warden, named Elenture (the Sindarin words for star and mastery combined, heh) i'm brand new to this game so i'm not going to bother listing any of my gear, as i'm sure it's nothing important. Smile I don't plan on having any alt characters, at least not for a good while.

I chose a warden because they are an advanced class, and I like a challenge. I'm also very fond of a "jack-of-all-trades" type gameplay. They are also good for soloing, which I figured may come in handy since I read it can sometimes be difficult to find players for lower level quests.

I  came across this kinship, while googling for EU based kinships on Laurelin that were accepting of new players. I do not know anyone in the kinship–yet. Wink

I am equally interested in raiding, fellowship quests and RP events. I'm new to RP, but i'm always wanting to learn more, and it seems like a lot of fun.

I've known about LOTRO for a while, but never played it until a couple days ago. I really love Tolkiens works, and the fact that I can play through middle earth is really cool. I'm not leaving anytime soon, i've purchased VIP for 3 months, the quad expansion pack, and helms deep preorder. Which may have been a little overkill all at once, but I got a discount when doing so :p I say that, just so you know i'm not going to leave after I hit level 30 or anything.

Short Background:

Raised in Lothlorien, Elenture was sheltered from most of the evil in Middle-Earth. However, Elentures' father was traveling one day, and he came across a group of hobbits who were being attacked by orcs, his father died protecting those hobbits. Elenture was deeply saddened. He realized that he would see his father again in the undying lands, but the other races of middle-earth also lost family members to the orcs, and they were not immortal. From that day he vowed he would try his best to defend and help the people of middle-earth.

About me personally, i'm actually Canadian, so English is no problem for me, despite living in the Netherlands the past 10 years (parents work). I'm very interested in graphic design, programming and other computer related things. I will hopefully be attending university for applied mathematics and computer programming next fall.


Ola! An officer should hopefully contact you soon. Smile

Note to officers: I'm waiving the level 30 rule so please invite this chap at the first opportunity.


Ah another Elf Warden! Welcome, see you in-game soon.


Welcome and good luck!

I will be online later today and hopefully I will have an opportunity to invite you.


Sorry, i've been away over the weekend, I will be on later today though.  Smile


We can always use more Dutchmen, strong of arm! This sword thane may be boon to our hird.

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