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Application : Melillot


Name : Nim White

Age : Over 60

UK Resident (Sussex by the Sea)

Timezone  : UK (GMT/GMT+1)

Previous MMORPGs : Many, including DDO, AoC, PWE, Silk Road, NWN; currently playing also on Fallen Earth

LOTRO experience : several years, on Laurelin and Landroval. Still playing on Landroval, where highest character is lvl 64

Other Kinships : none at present on LOTRO - have been a member of POTS on Laurelin and LMB on Landroval - left both for personal reasons (Which I don't care to discuss because I hate 'drama'). I am a member of a very casual kinship on Fallen Earth, which is mainly active in helping one another with gear and crafting.

Main Character : Melillot is a minstrel in her early twenties. She writes her own songs,and has also played with various bands. Her principal point of interest is that she is blind, which makes for some interesting role-playing. NB: although Mel is below lvl 30, her exact counterpart on Landroval is lvl 64, so I expect a steady progression in level over the next few weeks and months. (And level is less important, in my experience, when playing a role-playing character.)

Main interests in-game : RP and RP Events, especially musical events.

And the answer to an obvious question: I prefer Laurelin to Landroval - the RP on Laurelin is more to my taste.

Oh, and I am always happy to be involved with a multi-national kinship - I speak several languages, including French, Spanish and Chinese (Cantonese)



Thank you for your application. An officer will contact you in-game soon. I should state, however, that TWA isn't a RP kinship. We run very few RP events and most of our members have little or no interest in RP. Of course our members are free to RP and to setup and organise RP events if they wish and we would encourage those who are interested to do so. I see though that RP is your main focus in LOTRO and that being the case I wonder if perhaps you might be better looking at a more RP centric kinship.

As I said though an officer will contact you and you can discuss your interests with him/her and we can see if we would be a good fit for you.


Please cancel this application - I have found a kinship which looks like being a better (RP) fit Smile


Glad to hear that you have found a good fit. Best of luck to you! Smile


good luck with your new kinship Smile


Good luck with your new kinship.

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