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old member seeks for a return to TWA


1. Alek Piekutowski

2. soon 19Smile

3. Poland

4. GMT +1

5. Diablo II, Diablo III.. :p

6. Been playing for 5 years

7. Yeah I was and still am, actualy Im in DOME, but not to lie, this kin is dead, no1 online, and if its like 3 ppl max and they up to PVP only. Sad

8. Taero, lvl 85, CHN, gold stuff, gear is decent I think Smile

9. Ashllin lvl85 LRM, Malldir lvl85 WDN, Helgarth lvl85 CPT, Hildiband lvl65 MNS

10. In game mainly, know many ppl of urs Smile

11. Yeah, I know about 10 I guess

12. Im 18 years old, soon 19 (04.07), my second home is gym, I love to work out, I have a gf, shes best thing that ever met me in my life, also whats important she lets me play lotro and raid lol : )

13. Taero, champion of Rohan, hes long blond-gray haired, well builded character, who keeps playing his role in Middle Earth. lol Big Grin honestly never was into rp that much so I had an story of my char, tho I like to RP anyway, sit in a pub drink beer, smoke and listen to what other ppl say, like in Prancing Pony or other stuffSmile

14. I AM INTERESTED IN RAIDING A LOT if life lets me


16. I AM INTERESTED IN RP & RP EVENTS not a lot but more then somewhat : )

anyway I'd like to add that I am in Friend of the West channel and I used to raid with TWA in the past, I'd like to join the kin, even if I wont be allowed to raid (hope I will Big Grin), I know many of ur ppl and they know me lol : ) think my name will ring a bell anyway : )
waiting for response



Apologies for the lack of responses, Taero we have been a bit distracted by fine weather and our quarterly elections.
Welcome to the forums again and someone will be in contact with you soon Smile
"I'm making perfect sense, you're just not keeping up"


Invited today by me. Sorry for the delay!


promoted today, congrats




Grats Taero, and welcome to the team.


You just can't get rid of me T, guess we're kinnies again hehe Smile

Like in the old days - big T and fat T kicking ass Wink

P.S Dude you need to check the new LastDayHere album, ass kicking Big Grin
When the power of love, overcomes the love of power, then and only then, we shall see world peace...

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