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Summer Games: Hide & Seek


As a holiday variation to our kinship events like horse racing and junk collecting, I'd like to introduce you to a brand new online version of Hide & Seek! It's inspired by some of the old 'Where was this picture taken?' threads we used to have and since you can choose when to start the game, it's perfect for the relaxed summer season!

So what does it involve? You pick a team-mate from our kinship or FotW members and get 5 sets of 2 pictures starring a LOTRO NPC! Together, your job will be to find that NPC and enter his or her name, and whichever team finds the 10 NPCs in the shortest amount of time wins! There will always be one picture in a level range of 1-40ish and one 40ish-75, so I highly recommend that veterans team up with recruits and vice-versa.

If everything goes smoothly, I'll keep the game open until RoR-release in a couple of weeks and arrange a nice price for the winners!

How does it work then?
1) You go to the Game Page and select your team-mate

2) Your team-mate goes to the Game Page and Accepts your team request. The clock starts running!

3) You'll both get the first two pictures (one on the left, one on the right), looking like this (there might be a few seconds delay, when in doubt refresh the page):
[Image: aragorn.jpg]
You'll see right away that this is Aragorn, so you could enter Aragorn in the input field and help your friend with the 2nd picture. If you didn't remember Aragorn's name, you'd see he's standing in the Guest House in Rivendell so you'll go there and find out he's called plain and simple Aragorn.

- You'll need to enter the exact name, first and last, as displayed in-game of the most front-and-center NPC.

4) You can hit the submit button when you entered a single name to see if it's correct, but will only continue to the next set of pictures after both names are correct, so proper teamwork is required for the best times!

5) If you take a long time before entering the right answers, a hint will appear beneath the pictures pointing you where to go to avoid endless frustration.

6) Once you've completed the 5 sets, you'll be redirected to the results page to find out how you did.

Obviously these can't all be checked, but I trust you all to play fair.

- NO Googling! If you see the Bree stable-master, go to Bree to find his name!
- In the interest of fairness, NO Hunter/Hunter or Hunter/Warden teams please!
- NO Telling! There's only 1 set of pictures, so if you've done the game already, keep the answers to yourself... and that includes sudden Captain summons right next to pictured NPCs and similar creative solutions Wink
- NPCs involved in the photographs are excluded from participation!
- I'll not be responsible for loss of limb, virtual or real, or other damages caused by participating in this game...

In case of trouble, feel free to send me a forum message!

Start Now ->
Ingaras, Hunter (75)
Indo, Minstrel (81)
Celefindel, Loremaster (115)
Magolisto, Champion (75)

and some others...



Pros: Fun!!! Want moar  :vh1:

Cons: Trying to type silly elvish names on a page that refreshes at such short intervals is frustrating (I'm not a secretary and it won't accept short hand!). Also, at one point, the pictures got set back to the previous pair, asking us to fill in the names a second time.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks loads - that was great fun :vh1: 

Can we have more, please.

But please make the refresh longer - I can't type fast enough :bh1:

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Whoops! Fixed the refresh thing...

*reminds TWA server it's supposed to CHECK every 10s if it needs refreshing, not REFRESH every 10s*

btw... you're a lot quicker than I expected! took about a quarter of the time I spend collecting the pictures Tongue!
Ingaras, Hunter (75)
Indo, Minstrel (81)
Celefindel, Loremaster (115)
Magolisto, Champion (75)

and some others...


*cough* hunter *cough*

And Eledhin was very virtuous about opening swift travel routes! I knew some day all that questing would pay off!

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