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padi diving in Ireland


I'm qualified as an instructor btw


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muff diving club bwahahahaha

it gets better if you read the front page

Quote:Each summer, usually during the first week in August, the village celebrates Muff Festival which includes competitions, competitive JCB driving, street partying, parades Céilidh dancing, amusements in the central park, night-time entertainment, and live performances in the public houses in the area: Finnegans, Squealin' Pig, The Ture, The Carmans and Big Jim's.


I don't understand, where is the humour in this? lol Tongue Tongue
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


I have it on good authority that its best to visit Big Jim's early evening in the muff festival and then take a short walk to the Squealin' Pig later on. Of course assuming your not too tired from a day with the muff diving experience


To be fair it's a shoddy English interpretation of an Irish placename haha.

And I've been in the Squelin' Pig, great craic!


dunno what you and thor are on about. i was just trying to point out a good place to go diving for our members


FYI Jack, 'muff diving' is a much used term for 'sticking your tongue in the Holiest of holies'.

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