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Login issues


For those not able to log into the game and getting an ERROR 50000 message when trying to login.

Turbine screwed something up again during maintenance and are now ineffectually and slowly trying to fix the problem.

As of 20:18 GMT Celestrata had this to say on the Turbine forum

Quote:During our investigation, the login servers have been made unavailable once more. We are still investigating this issue, and when I get an update, I'll let you all know.

For more information visit this thread

If you are logged in and want to continue playing today, do not log out.



Apparently the issue is fixed - I'm logging in now.


Same here, seems to work!
[Image: Tharelon-2.gif]


Hm, apparently I still have some issues, don't know if it's my side or Turbine side.
Got kicked from the game, after really huge lag, lag for 2-5 seconds, every 10 seconds or so. Now I cannot log in. Meh..  Sad Sad Sad Sad

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