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An Epiphany


I've just had an epiphany that I thought I would share with you. A can of Tennents Super is not just a can of fizzy whiskey, it is in fact a TARDIS. Let me explain my findings. The first clue was the word Tennant, as in David, written on the front of the can. Secondly the can itself, is in fact, coloured TARDIS blue. Thirdly as the lager is three times stronger, in a way, that means it's bigger on the inside than It appears from the outside. Lastly you drink enough of it you'll experience slips in time and space. So in conclusion I'm not a drunk, I'm a Timelord.


lol from now on when I get drunk that's what Ill be yelling


Haha perfect logic!


Oh crow look what you started, now next time we wipe in ToO Thors going to become a timelord  Tongue
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Loopy juice...    Tongue


Even I draw the line at Tenents Super! Timelord indeed and it would make your "assistant" appear particularly good looking ;D

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