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England appoint new Football coach with speach impediment


Roy Hodgson received a phone call from the boss of the FA "Roy, do you realise that there will be no Wayne for the first 2 games of the Euro's?"

Hodgson replied "I've got more important things to worry about than the weather, you pwick!"


See that's good.

The Sun front page headline was not though, disgusting thrash.


Sorry but Harry should have got the job, he was "wobbed" as they say!  :roll:


The only man capable of handling the English national fotball team is Sir Alex Ferguson. Everyone knows it but they are all afraid to ask him. No other coach in the UK can manage that task. Everyone knows this aswell yet they ignore it. Would Pep Guardiola be able to coach this team? No, its not Barcelona.

Why is Sir Alex the only coach able to make this team successful? Because hes the only one the players are willing to listen to. Its a shame really because England has been in this dark damp dungeon since the early 90s. Amaizing.


(04 May, 12, 00:40)Jackdir link Wrote: England appoint new Football coach with speach impediment

but luckily not with a spelling impediment  Wink


the combination of being a terrible speller, (the most important invention of the 20th Century for me was microsoft spell checker), having very fat fingers and being too lazy to go back and correct my bad spelling means my online posts always contain at least one mistake ;D


In two lines Jack has summed up half the male race.
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My keyboard is black and im sitting in my office chair with my feet on the desk looking at a 27" flatscreen  in a cold-ish dark room, no i dont have a flashlight attached to my forehead, its more luck than anything that i can type this in a foreign language.


my keyboard has backlighting  :xm6:


Mine too! Obviously thats why we're much cooler than the rest of you. 8)
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