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Skyrim adventure



Just laughed like a drain at one of the comments on that article Mil posted:

Quote:You want to talk acceptable states of being ripped off?

I tipped my xbox over, destroyed my brand spanking new copy of saints row 3.

80 bucks down the drain because Microsoft rushed the system out to beat Sony in what I feel is normal use conditions.

Couple that with the fact that I'm on my fifth xbox..

I'm ready to just sell my consoles and go to computer only gaming.

"I'm blaming microsoft for breaking the disc because I knocked over my Xbox"

Never mind that they tell you all the time "don't move a console when the disc is spinning."


Just came across another nice fun story: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/11/...dia-death/

Quote:... There she was. Dead. At the bottom of the slope. I’d killed her.

So after taking all my valuable stuff I’d had her carry, and nicking her armour to give to Jenassa, I paused to grieve. And then decided, for a reason I’m not even going to try to understand as I can’t afford the therapy bills, I thought it necessary to “give her a proper burial”.

It seemed only appropriate that I take her back to the top of the hill, and lay her to rest in the empty coffin of her killer. (Yes, I’m going with Volsung as her killer – he did most of it, I just finished her off with some errant Spark magic. That would work in court.) Yes, it may seem weird to put her in the grave of her murderer, but at the same time, I’ve just spent ten minutes looking for a dead NPC whom I now believe needs to be moved, so weird is relative. And, well, Skyrim leaves bodies there permanently! She’d be there, awkwardly slumped against that rock, for the rest of the game. And I’d know.

Ingaras, Hunter (75)
Indo, Minstrel (81)
Celefindel, Loremaster (115)
Magolisto, Champion (75)

and some others...


Just a heads up.  Apparently the latest patch on Steam disables the ability to go past the 2gb memory limit and also seems to limit the ability to add 3rd party mods  :'(

Not investigated too much yet...


Been playing for a while and impressed overall, with little to find fault in (though I'm awaiting the dreaded memory issue on the PS3 that will destroy the entire thing!).  Joined Stormcloaks, completed the Companions and "cured" myself of their curse, and tackled a number of dragons, some much harder than others.  I'm not a fan of Oblivion (for me, one of the worst RPGs) but Skyrim has so much more freedom of choice, better storylines, and well acted characters in a truly huge world.  Near 50 hours and I've been to no more than 4 towns, and most of the map is unexplored. 


Boo! The Stormcloaks are racist bigots!


Racism and bigotry have been an underlying themes in Elder Scrolls games at least far back as Morrowind, when I started playing them.

IMO some of the storylines in Oblivion were superb, especially for the Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood.


(23 Nov, 11, 14:03)Falcodoc link Wrote: Boo! The Stormcloaks are racist bigots!

Better than Imperial oppression! Bloody tyranny of the Empire trying to come and rule the Nords!


OK, this is beyond unacceptable...
(In a dungeon, to be precise, and at two different points, making it impossible to go on).

Who programmed this pile of crap, Bugs Bunny?


not too sure of your system spec's Kai but I think there must be some kind of bottleneck problem or a lack of system oomph! probably a combination of GPU strength and memory paging.

Skyrim is a classic example of developers building a high polygon engine to specifically run on 4-5year old console technology with no after thought or consideration for the PC.



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