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Skyrim adventure


Sounds like the PC version is plagued with problems at present.
I've had a few Xbox glitches (NPC pathing is still apparently a problem for every developer in the world...) but nothing on the scale mentioned here. That's sad Sad


Can I bend your ear for a bit regarding your suggestions?

1. Couldn't find "Skyrim directory", but found "Skyrim Configurastion Settings" and "Skyrim Prefs" instead.
2. Found "bMouseAcceleration" in Preferences and zeroed it.
3. Found and zeroed "iPresentInterval" in Preferences.
4. However, there is no sign of any of these in either file, so couldn't adjust them:
5. Also couldn't find any of:
6. By "Press the Tilde Key to open the console..." I assume you mean go to Command Prompt? Question is, do I do this
as a blanket command? Won't it affect everything else running in Windows? Or if not, at what point/where do I do this?
7. "First thing to do, change your game graphics settings from the game Launcher:" - but I have to launch from Steam, and
I don't appear to be given any of the subsequent options...

With just the two modifications mentioned above which I was able to implement, the game is very marginally better, but
still effectively unplayable as far as the mouse is concerned - a full 360-degree turn takes nearly a minute. Also,
everything seems to load incredibly slowly.

I did some research, and the concensus seems to be that Skyrim is only slightly more demanding than Oblivion - so
why is it such a disaster on a machine which had absolutely no problems running Oblivion? Any suggestions?


I can field the tilde key question

When you're in the game, press tilde and the games console window will open (all the lines of text/code etc)


Thanks, Falco!

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You can actually add settings to the ini file if you like and they're not there... but I'd watch out with the second batch you're mentioning there, as those are for improved shadows and such, making the thing slower instead of faster. I found the Mouse Acceleration and Present Interval settings to make the most difference for the menus etc.

As for the game settings, you got the 'Options' in the Skyrim-launcher menu, there you adjust the graphics settings, play with those a bit to see if you can get your framerate up (turn it both up and down, some newer systems seem to have better performance with higher settings...). I think your turn-rate might be affected by the framerate you're getting... For me horizontal movement is fine anyway, it's the vertical axis that's a pain.

Also, does your Mac have any kind of second graphicscards? Due to the way Skyrim launches my laptop initially insisted on running it on the integrated 'Intel HD Graphics' instead of my NVidia card...

Alternatively, you can add fMouseHeadingYScale=0.0200 and fMouseHeadingXScale=0.0200 to the [Controls] section of the ini and adjust them so you can scale the sensitivity of the mouse axis manually...

*hopes Kairos didn't just faint from all the technicalities* Really, once you get it playable it's a nice game! Tongue
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and some others...



My graphics card is an Nvidia GeForce 9400, and is the one Skyrim selects to use. Can you suggest some graphics settings to set under Options, as most of it is Chinese to me? I assume anything that affects framerate.

Otherwise, whilst the horizontal movement for me is utter crap, I currently seem to have NO vertical movement at all...

I'll try adding the two settings you suggested to the ini file.


(BTW, why does the text I am typing here extend to the right of the message window towards infinity (but out of my sight)?


Well, it's using the right card, that's a start... I would start with turning it just to the 'Low' preset and see what happens. I'd guess that a 9400 should be able to handle medium settings.

And having (virtually) no vertical movement starts to sound familiar! At least you haven't got a 'new' problem, just generally slow movement on top of the X/Y imbalance. Try tinkering with the MouseHeadingScale settings... from what I've heard those should be able to help.

As for the text running out of the box that seems to be an issue with some cached files lingering around. I've not been able to replicate it before anyway. Force-reloading (ie, reload/refresh button) the page should fix it.
Ingaras, Hunter (75)
Indo, Minstrel (81)
Celefindel, Loremaster (115)
Magolisto, Champion (75)

and some others...


Sorry about the lack of replies as I was out all afternoon so I'll check up on the mouse movement malarkay for you. I'll be installing the game on this PC later and shall try configure an .ini file with all the best settings I can muster, then I'll paste it here for you to try.

I found out last night that the game, because of it's console development, has terrible memory management and in some cases only uses 700mb !!! Considering a lot of PC enthusiasts have between 4-32gig of ram it severely hampers performance in all kinds of ways. I know of a program that changes the .exe file and forces the game to use all your system memory so again I'll test and let you know.


theres a lot of texture mods surfacing now, some are already looking very nice


[Image: med_gallery_378_176_433113.jpg]

[Image: B-A.gif]



I've added Inga's two suggested lines to the ini file, and it's at least (only just) playable now, though not a lot of fun. Problem is still the mouse movement, on both axis - I nearly got wiped by a wolf, simply because I couldn't turn around fast enough to target it!

Charvel, the texture mods look great, but wouldn't adding them (or similar) drive my game's performance to its knees?

I'll feed in your suggestions as they come...


if he manages to get the mod that makes the game use as much available memory as possible, your game should be much better.

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