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IMumble for Iphones ( maybe for other smartphones aswell )


So i was wondering, at 4:30 in the morning, if there is a mumble for iphones. I did a search in teh appstore and i've found this one : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imumble-p...38955?mt=8
I dowloaded it and it seems to be pretty cool. It's easy, pretty clean, not many buttons to press, not many options but it works ^^.
Not sure though if you can pair it with your PC to not have 2 names in the same channel from teh same user but maybe Inga knows.

Anyway, maybe some of you find this interesting and worth to buy. Smile


1 1/2 stars on Review. I think I'd give it a miss personally.


I am doing some tests now but unfortunatly nobody is on mumble.

I'll see and will come back with a feedback.

Edit: You're up late Tongue


falco is in the US timezone atm like me, so not so late :p


They have been working on this for quite some time if it is the same team as Mumble.  So I would expect some issues initially.


No you can't 'combine' users to log in from two devices at the same time... you can however log in to your regular username from your mobile device (may need to copy your Mumble authentication certificate if you have a registered name *looks at (former) officers*).

Personally I've got the Android Mumble, it's not great but it's enough to check the server's working when someone's complaining Wink and you can always use the text messaging to get a quick message across.
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