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Heggards application


hello there! thanks for reading.

the name's Kim.

I'm 16 yearso old.

I'm born in and still living in Norway Big Grin

the timezone in Norweay is GMT +1

I've played WoW before but im not a WoW douche Tongue

nope, havent been in any other kinship.

my main character in LOTRO is Heggard Smile
my alternativ character in LOTRO is Drendili.

I have three IRL friends in TWA. Ferdoc, Gilphor and Thrulin.

About myself: I study at high school, still living to my parents. play alot of computer  :geek:

Heggard, fresh out of the training barracks he took hold of his axe and set of into the wild marshes with only his companion Leonard and a pocket full of dreams, he's been fighting Orcs off for months without ever turning back home...

i am somewhat interested in raiding Tongue

i am alot interested in fellowships Big Grin

i am alot interested in RP Big Grin


Comes recommended by Gilphor.
Inducted today at initiate level.




Welcome, welcome!


welcome and good luck with your application
Need new sig


Yey Kim, Good luck with your application mate Wink

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Welcome to the kin  Smile

Out of interest though, I recognize the name Drendili; weren't you a TWA member previously? Or was that via Friends of the West?

Either way, welcome again!

Edit: scrap the above, just noticed the other post that confirmed it

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