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Welcome to the Western Alliance Forums


Welcome all to The Western Alliance forums.

The Western Alliance or TWA for short is a rank 10 kinship, created on the game's launch day that has survived to this day.
We consist of a mature member group but with members ranging from ages 16 to 60.
We encourage sillyness, laughter and mutual respect.

As a kinship our continuing mission is to provide our members with the full spectrum of content available in the game, from low level crafting to End game raids, if our members want to do it, we try to find a way to support it. Of course member involvement and initiative are highly encouraged.

We have no requirements except that our members conform to the server rules regarding fair play and RP, and behave themselves in an appropriate manner to uphold the good name of the kinship. Aside from that, members can be as involved or uninvolved in any of the kinship activities as they wish.

Also an important note, TWA is governed as a democracy, with elections for leader and officers being held every 4 months, so 3 times a year.

TWA is always willing to have friendly ties with other kinships on the server, and if you have any questions about anything at all feel free to PM, email or contact an officer in game or on the forum.

We hope you enjoy the game and hope to see you around in Middle Earth.

- Current Leader and Kinship Magister, Thoronthor Arandan, Captain.

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