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1. Name(luke skywalker)
2.Age: 17
3.Country of Residence:Slovenia
5.Previous mmorpg experience:WOW
6.Previous lotro experinceTonguelaying for 1 month
7.have u been a member of other kinships:Yes i was in gentlehommes en armes but i left it cuz ppl was really rude
8.Your main character:My main is lvl 33 hunter Alcarinin;I have some average gear for lvl 31 Smile
9.Your alts:None
10.How did u  hear about TWA?: i was looking a kin in OOC channel and one of ur kin member Malbordir link me TWA site Smile
11.Do u know any current TWA members:Yes  ,Malbordir
12.About yourself:I like hard rock music, im fair to those who are fair to me, and my anger is fast if someone is provoke me on purpose Smile
13.About ur main:Alcarinin was a great explorer of middle earth and his secrets but when Enemy has returned to his Black tower and cought his brohter and tourcher him to dead, alcarinin swear he will never rest until he find and defeat  Enemy and his deadly servants Smile
14.Im interested in raiding:A lot
15.Im interested in fellowship quests:A lot
16.Im interested in rp and rp events:A lot


Welcome, Alcarinin. One of our officers will contact you shortly in-game.

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welcome to the forums, good luck with your app

Just curious about your name... Luke Skywalker eh?  Wink
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heya there i will keep an eye open for you ingame Smile


wow, luke skywalker, that's a great name!
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Welcome to the forums I will be online later this afternoon so I will keep an eye out for you Wink


Your father must be Darth Vader then?

Anyway, good luck with the application!
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Welcome and good luck with your application.
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the force is strong with this new applicant  :geek:

welcome and good luck
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


ty to all Smile i hope we wil get a long in the game Big Grin

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