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Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!


I would like to wish all memebrs past and present a very happy new year and may 2009 be even better than 2008

:xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:   :xm4:


Happy new year to us all! :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4: :xm4:
Let's start 2009 anew and fresh!
Arise, arise, Riders of Théoden!
Fell deeds awake, fire and slaughter!
spear shall be shaken, shield be splintered,
a sword-day, a red day, ere the sun rises!

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Happy New Year folks!
Though I ask, why do you dig your own grave when others do it for you? © Satyr
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More ale! Yarrg!
--- Belegorn --- Bad Apple


happy new year everyone, and watch those fingers.

"I only have 9 fingers" will NOT be a viable excuse when you make us whipe! Dont say I didnt warn you!
-50 DKP per finger!
:xm5: :xm7:


have a gud n all

:xm5: :xm3: :xm4: :xm3: :xm5:
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Give me my Wings


Happy New year all!
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Belaclyadal - R6 Weaver
MerryJo - L20 Hobbit Minstrel


happy new year everyone
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


Happy New year everyone  :vh1: :vh1: :vh1: :geek: :geek: :party: :party2: :xm4: :xm4:
Brentius the brave dwarf
Spuky the crazy hobit


A very happy new year to all the membership!

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