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Hi all, I am Gallborn

It has been a while, much water has passed under the bridge, but I would like to re-apply to be part of your Kin.

Many things I have learnt and I now come before you as a Lore Master of 50, which is now my main and Gallant is 50 but is now my second.  I find the Lore Master a better class for me. As I said before this is my first MMO and I am looking forward to MOM. Well what more is there to add, I left and now I wish to return, a better more mature player, and I can contribute to your Kin.

Oh yes I also have 46 Minsrtal, 26 Captain and a 23 Burgular.

Bye for now Gallborn


Welcome back Gallant/Gallborn!

We don't have a LM eldar at the moment, but our kin leader Belegwe is a skilled Loremaster himself. I'm sure he will contact you soon.
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Welcome Gallant, glad you have come back to re-apply.  Good Luck and see you in game!
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welcome back
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


What Ho!

Good to see you back old boy! Smile I'll be conducting your initiation and I thought we might try a few quests together? Anything you are currently working on or fancy doing?


Is there any particular night you would like to do a quest or instance Gallant?


Welcome back Gallant! Smile


Hi Belegwe,
I have tried to make contact in-game by sending you mail but I have had no reply to these, this may be an error on my behalf or some other reason. If there is a problem with my application can you please let me know, as I would like to mave forward in the game

Kind regards


Also contactable vis Gallant, Gallmoth or Gallorn. Smile


Okey dokey matey. Your mail probably has come through fine, I probably just haven't seen it. I'll mail you back and we can arrange a suitable date. Rather looking forward to doing something with another LM! Smile


Congratulations on becoming a full member Gallborn! You should have full forum access now.
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