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Application form for mathies


i have played many games in my time of gaming
Lotro for me:
i have been playing for a good 6-7 monthes in that time lernt alot of things from other players i started out as a very poor tank even at 50 but now i have lernt my role and i am a very sucessfull tank. i have been in rift many many times and helgrod. i am a balnced tank not to much moral but not to little and i have good might and vitalty much a gurd also really needs.
other kins:
Flames of the westerness
warriors of the 4th age
the supreme concile of rhoan
Main char:
mathies (gurdian)
dont focus to much on my alts really i like to put all my effort into on char and make it the best it can be
:how did i hear:
from people that i know and i have come across
Know any other members:
yes but left now
i am 16 as you know i am willing to learn at all costs i do as im told (as long its within reson) i am nice person ,grown up
i have hard life within school but home it makes up for it. i am bullyed alot for the fact i do not want to go out drinking and the fact i go to school to learn. i have my firends which stick by me and i would do the same for them. left 2 schools now taking gcse's in about years time.
About my main:
(not rollplayer)
my main is fearless and will do anything he can to stop evil.
whta i like:
RP:not really
Fellowship:love it
Raids: love it
Talking: ok
helping: will help when i can


Welcome to the forum and good luck with you applicatuion  :vh1:

p.s. I have removed the reference to your RL name.


Hey Mathies, welcome back to the boards. As you remember, the last time you applied, we had to reject you because guardian recruitment was closed. And I'm afraid it still is, as you can see in the Recruitment Status thread. Our current Guardian Eldar, Edatain, will have to see if he can make an exception, but don't be disappointed if we can't accept you because of the certain class balance we'd like to keep in the kinship on behalf of raiding etc.

Also, it kind of worries me that you've played for 6 months now and have been in and out of 3 kinships already. Nothing that we would reject you on, but it makes me a bit curious about why that is...  Smile

I took the apple...


Greetings Mathies, i am Edatain our current Guardian Eldar and after a small discussion with the Council, i am willing to let you join us for our Two Weeks initiation period.
During this time i shall try to learn as much about you as i can, to quest with you and learn you skills in combat and out of combat(RP-just a small thing which i like to see in candidate, so don't worry if you don't RP)
Hope to talk to you soon.
Edatain, Guardian Eldar
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(21 Oct, 08, 20:18)Edatain link Wrote:RP-just a small thing which i like to see in candidate, so don't worry if you don't RP

The kin really is very RP light. The little that there is I'm sure you will find fun and funny Smile

Welcome to the ranks of the guardians, look forward to seeing you in game!


Welcome Mathies!

Good Luck in your Initiation!
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greetings and welcome
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


Welcome and good luck with your application.
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Congratulations on becoming full member!  :bunny1:
I took the apple...


congratulations Mathies, let me just say everyone was very impressed with you and it is a most deserved promotion, congratulations on becoming a full member.

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