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The Council

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The current council of The Western Alliance consists of:
  • Thoronthor (Kinship Leader)
  • Kairos (Deputy)
  • Eresmir
  • Threclo
  • Grimdoin
  • Crucio
  • Arohtar

Next to the chosen council there are some advising positions without official power:

Grand Eldar: Belegwe
The eternal title of Grand Eldar. He doesn't have an official council position by default, but he is here to give advice and help out the council if needed.

Kinship Magister: Thoronthor
Having served The Western Alliance as kinship leader for a long time, Thoronthor became the first Kinship Magister, an Honorary Eldar position chosen to give to him by the council. The Kinship Magister does not have any official powers, but helps the council by giving advice.

Honourary Eldars: Belegwe, Kairos, Ingaras

The council has also appointed the following members for special tasks:

Forum Officer: Ingaras

The various council positions explained
These positions are taken by the members of the chosen council or assigned by the council to volunteering members

Kinship Leader
Responsibilities: Chairperson at all Inner Council meetings; acts as the head of the kinship in all external dealings; has the power to make instant temporary decisions, pending a vote at the next Inner Council meeting.

Deputy Kinship Leader
Responsibilities: Takes over all the responsibilities of the Kinship Leader when they are not available; automatically becomes Kinship Leader if the Kinship Leader resigns or leaves the kinship.

Event Officer
Responsibilities: Scheduling of instance runs and other similar events.

Community Officer
Responsibilities: A contact point for members and in particular for initiates.

Banker Officer
Responsibilities: Maintains an alternative character that acts as a banker for any items donated by members.  Routinely clears out the kinship chests, selling any unwanted items and maintaining any generated revenues as kinship money, to be spent on the kinship as the Inner Council decides.

Forum Officer
Responsibilities: Responsible for maintaining the online forum, registering new members onto the forum and such.

RP Eldar
Responsibilities: To organise RP events and to oversee and guide all RP related things.

Raid Officer
Responsibilities: To oversee all aspects of raiding, assign raidleaders and raid schedulers etc.

Friends of the West Officer
Responsibilities: Keeping the FotW program running, contact point for Friends of the West.

Chief of Design
Responsibilities: Decoration of the kinship hall.
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