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Hail from the Northwind


I look forward to seeing everyone there, hopefully the game won't give up on me like last time there was a kin meeting.
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Welcome to all the NFC fellows, it will be good to have you with us
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


Good day fellows.
I, Ordain Hruban, like my allies before me also served under the banner of the Northwind Free Company albeit for a short time and would be glad to join my friends in serving with another band.
I have yet to have the oppurtunity to meet any of you however I presume this will change in the upcoming meeting. I look forward to speaking with some of you.

((Character is still in early development and has little in the way of true direction so far, I'll work on this however.
As for me as an individual I'm a startling young british chap of 16, The Matrix Online was my first "permanent" MMO experience however I've played a rather massive variety of MMO's in my time and have currently settled in LOTRO. For the time being my activity is rather limited for a variety of reasons but I'll remedy that at the earliest possible date, looking forward to speaking with you all))


Hail, Ordain Hruban!
We look forward to welcoming you on Saturday.


Welcome All! See you in-game on Saturday!

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Vemu ai-menu!

My age must have me rendered ignorant to events that pass aloof of the confrontations with the Enemy, but that would be both a blessing and a curse for those gifted with longer life than Men. Or it is merely an aspect of my kin's stubborness - the very trait for which the elves love us so.

Time is fleeting and thus many weeks have passed since I learned from the disbanding of the Northwind Free Company, the band to which I pledged my allegiance a year or so ago. The letter from my former captain, Arathrandir, further troubled an already troubled defender of the Free Peoples. Vision seemed to have abandoned me, for I could not guess from the carved stones of my father's that such things would come to pass.

Alas, the time to look only behind us is not now, when the Enemy is gathering its strength. We must look forward and even the thickest armour, the sharpest axe and the strongest shield is of little use without allies. For this, I passed this writing to one of the elves in Echad Eregion at the doorstep or Morias deepest mines in hopes that it will reach you timely. It is a long way to the blooming fields and forests of Breeland and my mount still suffers from an injury.

I should very much like to meet you, friends, for I wish to offer my services to you.

Rasup gamut!
Nalorin Runeguard, Son of Nalomur

((Greetings! Took me a while to make my post here. I wanted to add Nalorin's story, too. Unfortunately, it's gone with the wind now that the NFC forums are down - and besides, the concept is seriously flawed now that we have Runekeepers running around. The background in a nutshell: Nalorin is the son of an eremite druid-like seer-dwarf. Although Nalorin shared his father's peculiarity of having visionary dreams, he never fully learned to understand them. The one dream he did understand - or so he thinks - caused him to abandon the Blue Mountains and travel far... Nalorin is a level 60 dwarf guardian and a weaponcrafter (with little talent when it comes to woodworking).
About myself: I am Carsten, 29 years old and from Germany. I, too, played The Matrix Online for quite a long and intense time. I am a first-born Lotro'er but had a few months' break right after the start. I love roleplaying and still have many things to discover in-game: I reached level 60 only two months or so ago, never really did a Raid and finished neither volume 1 nor volume 2 of the epic story. My play-time varies, rarely online on weekends, though, I'm afraid. Looking forward to get to know you lot!))
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Welcome to the forums Nalorin! I'm sure our officers will contact you very soon.
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welcome to the fourms. And welcome to the Western Alliance

One of us officers will contact you in game
Need new sig


Nalorin was invited into the kinship tonight (and accepted  Wink ).

So welcome Nalorin. Glad to have you aboard  :vh1:

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Welcome Nalorin, now where are the other slackers?  *chuckles

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