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Hail from the Northwind


Well you need one good Captain Tongue


Excellent stuff! Whilst it is sad that the Northwind is folding it will be lovely to have you (and as many of your companions as want to) in the TWA.


Greetings! I am Brenn of Dale, for some time part of the Northwind Free Company and now offering my services to The Western Alliance. If you've need of someone who can handle a bow, aswell as being able to follow tracks or find a way quickly through the wilds, then I am at your service. I have, for my living, learned something of the craft of tailoring. I am also blessed to have my mother's skill for cooking, while my father's skills as a farmer have been faithfully passed on - so your company would never be short of wholesome food!

(OOC I began playing mmos with Ultima Online over 10 years ago, before moving to Dark Age of Camelot when it was released. I began playing LotrO beta a few months before release and have been here ever since. I play the game in a fairly casual way and pretty much enjoy all aspects of it - basically anything which is relaxed and fun, though since being with NFC have really enjoyed getting into rp more. Looking forward to joining up with you all! )


Well met, Brenn of Dale, and welcome!

We will hold a meeting of the Kinship towards the end of this week to welcome you and and your comrades to the Western Alliance. Details will be posted on these forums, and I will also send you a message in-game.


Welcome Brenn!


For my part, I would like to send my condolences for the folding of the Northwind Free Company , but also a warm welcome to those of you who are joining us.


We will be holding a Kinship Meeting of the Western Alliance on Saturday 6 June at 7.30 UK time at the Kin House, 1 High Road, Lightgard, Bree-land Homesteads, to welcome our new members and announce promotions of the Kinship initiates.

Please make every effort to attend.


Will make a note over on our Forum and get as many to come along as are around on the Evening.


(01 Jun, 09, 13:20)Methrendomir link Wrote: This is joyous news indeed

Woops!  Didn't mean to sound like I'm glad NFC is folding  :o, more that I'm glad you've decided to come over and join us.  You knw what I mean Arath Smile


Welcome to all of the Northwind Free Company. It is really great that you have decided to join our ranks, we are glad to have you with us  Smile
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