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Hail from the Northwind


Greetings and well met soldiers, adventurers, scholars, poets, farmers and good folk of the Western Alliance.

Greetings from the Northwind, or rather that band of fellows who call themselves the Northwind Free Company.  I am Arathrandir Elena, last Captain of the Northwind, and today I offer the hand of friendship to the Western Alliance.  As I look upon the notices here I see a familiar sight, a pattern of loss that the Northwind itself experienced.  Yet I would say do not give up hope, as many of the Northwind did, for the Western Alliance appears to have the willingness and strength to rebuild its fortunes.

The Northwind diminished.  Perhaps you had heard of us in days of old, when our adventures and successes were among the finest in this land of Eriador, when glory and honour was there for the taking.  Perhaps you heard of us then, I doubt you will have heard of the remnants of the company.  At the peak of our successes many found themselves lost, dreaming of a far off land of their imagining (Hyborea I believe it was called) and departed, leaving only a few behind.  At first we had hoped to rebuild, but as one left, another followed, and so on until it left but a handful.  Now that handful have had many adventures, and many opportunities, but the time of the Northwind is over. 

The past is not reason enough to maintain the present.  One must move forward, adapt, and learn.  One must rebuild the hearts and minds of those who have a love of this Middle Earth and a desire to battle the Shadow of Mordor.  One must offer the blade of unity so that the few can defeat the many, so that the Lords and Captains of the West can topple the Watchful eye from his tower. 

And so it stands, that the Northwind will fall and pass, like its namesake, cold and lonely into the night.  Remembered in the hearts of those who once fought under the name, but lost in the memory of time and age. 

Yet perhaps there is hope, perhaps the blades of the Northwind will find new allies, new alliances, and new enemies to fight.... perhaps.

~ Arathrandir Elena, Last Captain of the Northwind. 


Hail - a troubling message, but one not uncommon in these dark days. I have adventured with many of your fellows and found them brave and honourable.

For those of us that will stay and fight for Middle Earth, rather than take boats into the west, or Hyborea, or the Stars, it is time to think more of alliances, to strengthen our numbers and refresh our courage.

I am sure our Officers will be in touch with you soon!
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Greetings Arathrandir!

It's good to meet you and a hand of friendship like this, we can't turn down ofcourse. I'm looking forward to having a drink to new friendships with you!
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and some others...


Mae Govannen! The ships have not yet sailed into the West and we are glad of your company. I look forward to many adventures with you!


Greetings, Arathrandir.

I fought with the Northwind Free Company for some three months in the days of its greatness, and remember it with respect and affection. Urien Greymoor enrolled me into the company, Jordi was my section leader, and the legendary hobbit healer, Griselda, never failed to patch me up after a battle. I was sad to leave the Company, but at the time I was virtually the only inexperienced Hunter in a very tight group of veterans, and eventually realised I would have to strike out on my own in order to grow.

For this reason, and because of the high honour in which the Northwind Free Company has always been held, even in the time of its decline, I greet you you and your kinsmen and kinswomen, and bid those of you who would ride with us welcome.

As for the changes which have, as you saw, come upon the Western Alliance in recent days, I have this to say: following the latest election of our officers, a few of the kinship, unhappy perhaps at the results of that election, chose to sever their ties with us, and - as was only natural - some of their closest friends followed them. We were sad to see them go, and respect their choice. But what is done is done, and we look now to the future. The kinship is strong, and the ties that bind us, from the oldest veteran to the rawest recruit, have been tested and not found wanting.

We look forward to seeing your swords raised alongside ours in the battles to come.

Kairos Morcoll
Hunter Eldar & Acting Leader of the Western Alliance


Sad tales you bring of what was once a gloryious kin, but you and your kins men and women are more then welcome to join with us in our everlasting battle with the enemy.
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Thanks all.  I spoke to Thoronthor the other day and will speak to you shortly Kairos although I'm currently trying to get a list of those who will be moving on and those who want to go their separate ways.  I'll ask them to come over and introduce themselves in this thread.  Starting with myself, I guess *laughs*

My Character (in short, the back-story is on the CM forums though not in an up to date form) : Arathrandir Elena [Sindarin, Noble Wanderer / Of the Stars], formerly a Captain of Minas Tirith.  Born in Dol Amroth to scholar and diplomat, he was at first enamoured by lore and learning yet when manhood came it was the path of the sword and soldier that called to him.  Though a strong and dedicated leader, Arathrandir is noble of heart, kind of words, and an inspiration rather than a whip at the back.  Since his departure from Minas Tirith, Arathrandir has found himself called once more to lead and inspire those about him to arm themselves against the growing shadows of Angmar.

((Me : I'm Nick, 28 years old and from the UK.  I've been playing LOTRO since beta and have been aware of it since it was Middle Earth Online.  I've been playing MMOs on and off since Everquest though my first permanent/long-term MMO was The Matrix Online, and then Everquest 2.  Since then I've tried just about every MMO around, from EVE to WAR and AOC, but LOTRO is the only MMO that really offers me fun and enjoyment.  I've been a Tolkien fan for the last 20+ years and studied Tolkien, casually, for the last 8 years although I'm by no means an expert.  In terms of LOTRO my expectations have changed over time.  I came from MxO as a dedicated Roleplayer, but LOTRO has opened up Raiding/PvMP and all manner of other things.  I am still at heart a Roleplayer, but I am also a keen gamer in terms of LOTRO.  I've never really had any doubts that LOTRO will continue to be the MMO of choice for the forseeable future (although I look forward to SW:TOR, of course) ))


You should fit right in! Smile IT's always exciting to have someone new around, they bring a fresh perspective and I'm looking forward to grouping up with you old boy! Smile


Welcome fellow Captain. I eagerly await your arrival and that of your kinsmen.
I do believe you will find TWA to be an excellent home and though outside forces may wish to cast a shadow, I assure that within the kin the spirit of camaraderie and hope is very much alive and kicking.

My only regret is that I could not be present when you join our ranks, but I have full confidence in my officers to receive you well and make you feel at home.

I hope to see you on the member forums soon.


This is joyous news indeed that you'd even consider joining up with us.  I really hope to see you amongst us soon, you will be more than welcome!  :vh1:

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