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Application - Cerylyn Guardian lvl 48


She comes from Rohan, born and bred, strong in the arm and thick in the head. As they say.
Born to a simple farming family life was easy enough. Carry this, fetch that, feed the horses, milk the cows. Hardly the most thrilling of existences, but it had it’s effect. She grew strong and hardy, learning to accept hard work and the knowledge that it’s not the warriors that keep the world turning, but the smaller cogs that turn the machine. Without the farmers, the bakers, the people who build the homes others live in, then the warriors wouldn’t exist. True, as a horse farmers daughter she hardly got glory, but her sense of achievement was no less for it.
Then the darkness started to come. The rattle of sabres from the north was too much to ignore and every family sent their strongest to assist the effort to hold back the tides on Angmar. With no brothers to go in her place, Cerylyn rode with them.
It’s odd really, how similar the weapons of way are to the tools of her old trade, the power with which she wielded a wheat thresher serves well behind a blade. The strength that carried water day in and day out holds a shield steady as rock. Her place was obvious, a guardian, one of the silent stoic warriors who give of themselves without complaint. The solid foundation without whom the defences of the free people would crumble.
She still doesn’t seek glory, though the quiet life seems to have deserted her as she now travels with the most flamboyant personality she might have found, a minstrel. Still it’s a good partnership, an easy alliance, that turned to friendship and a deep affection. Where Tianuwen goes, Cery is there to defend her against any threat. When it comes time to gather around the fire and swap stories, the roles swap and her friend protects her from the embarrassment of acclaim. A perfect partnership.
But the shadows grow darker now, and the war draws near. Two alone cannot stand against the armies of Angmar. And her friend as usual has pointed the way. A group that wish to take the fight to the enemy. And where her Minstrel goes, the Guardian follows. Another cog ready to turn.

OOC Hey! I'm Chris 29 and I'm from the UK, and I'm the other half of Tianuwen's usual team. Looking forward to a chance to get with a Kin that can actually organise itself and achieve! Anyway, there's a bit of flavour about the type of character Cery is and A little something about me! Anything else anyone needs to know ask away!


Good luck with the application and hopefully we will meet in-game soon.

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Welcome, and good luck with your application!
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welcome and good luck


Welcome and good luck with your application!
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Welcome, hope to see you in kin soon  :rawkon:
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welcome and good luck
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


Please consider this application withdrawn.


Normally I dont intervene much in normal aplications but in this case I want to say something.

IF you feel that we have taken to long to get back to you that is a valid grievance, however right now we are in the middle of elections and it is a busy time for all of us so I hope you can apreciate that we just havent gotten around to it, and this has no bearing on you personally.

Like I said normally I wouldnt bother but I know you are a friend of Tianuwen and we like to encourage friends of members to join us as it creates a more stable and friendly atmosphere within the kinship so do not think you wouldnt be welcome.

Anyway just wanted to clear that up, if you are still interested please do try to contact me ingame.


Thoronthor, Kinship Leader


I personally haven't seen you online a single time when I have been online.. I can't say the same for the other officers but I'm sure this is the same case for them.
I hope you can understand this.
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