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Appilcation Firman


Hi thereI have just hit level 40 on my main character and I thought its time to start looking for a Kinship as I want to take part on some end game content when I fianly hit lv 50. My charecters name is Firman he is a lv 40 Champion from Rohan.

Firman is about 30 years of age and come from Rohan he is an Carpenter by trade but found that he had a life long  lust for adventure. So seeking fame and fortune he sent off bree town but before he could make it there he was ambushed by Brigands after being rescued by a ranger and helping some hobits escape from the brigands he has found him self helping the rangers more and more. He now knows that there is a great evil rising and that he can do more good by join with the company of others to help defeat this new menace.

About my self I have been playing Lotro since betaon and off and have recently changed servers from [EN] Snowbourn as I didn't really like it there lots of lag and it was pretty unstable. I moved to [EN-RP] Laurelin as this is where my older brother had his characters but due to work he has not been able to play for a while. Since joining [EN-RP] Laurelin I have started a Lotro Blog on Gax online which can be found here http://www.gaxonline.com/profile/TheOneTrueBlog I am hoping to gian a fan site status for it soon both on the CM site and Turbine Site. I found out about your guild after reading the http://lotro-chronicles.blogspot.com/. Im 33 years old and im also studying as well as trying to set up my own IT company (Pc repairs builds cleaning that sort of thing). And while Im not a big Role Player (as you can probably tell by my RP story) but I am willing to give it a try.



Thanks for your intrests toward us

One of our officers will contact you
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Welcome and good luck with your application!
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Hey Forman, good luck on the application.
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Welcome, and good luck with your application!  :vh1:
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welcome to the party. good luck
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


welcome and good luck


Thanks not been able to be online much due to study and this being mother day weekend. I hope to be back online from this Monday so sorry if you have been trying to get in contact with in game.


I have tryed contacting you on several occasions now via ingame tells and you have not responded to them. I hope that this is because you have filtered your tells and not that you know longer wish to join the Western Alliance. I will try and contact you ingame next time we are both online as i need to speak to you before memebership is offered.

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Will have to check my tell filter thing but have been very busy with the blog so I might of just missed then.

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