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Diorandir's Application


Hello, my in-game name is Diorandir and I'm an elf champion (lvl 44). In real life, my name is Žan Menart, 17 (OMG, kid! Tongue I can atleast act matureTongue), coming from Slovenia (most of people I know have no idea, where the hell Slovenia is; i hope you do Tongue ). In LotRO, I'm looking for nice RP experience (I'm a hardcore Tolkien fan Tongue), but I really don't mind doing anything else in game.
However, my characters story will develop in game, for now I can just say, that Diorandir is an elf, who lived in Rivendell for his last 700 years, spending his time reading history books and practicing sword-wielding and shooting with bow. He made some friends there, but most of them already left the Middle Earth and sail to the West. After his best friend, Darungir left the Grey Havens, Diorandir decided that he'll left safety of Rivendell and go by his fathers steps, into the wild, fighting foes of Free People. Since than, he traveled  from Ered Luin to Rivendell, from Tharbad to Angmar... But his greatest desire is, to once again meet his mother and sister in Lothlórien. He would visit them before, but his father obey him to do this before the Ring is safe. His father now lies dead, buried into the tomb in Falathorn, but his son doesn't forget the promise he gave.
Sry, but at the moment that's all I can put together. I know that my English is far from good, but I'm improving it.
So... My past experiences in MMOs are... Hehe, well, WoW bring me in this genre, but I stop playing it after 3 months. My MMO experiences are very limited, as you can see. However, I'm decided to stick with LotRo for at least a year or more, but for that, I need a nice group of people to spend my time with.



Welcome and good luck with your aplication  :rawkon:


Greetings My name is Alaros Champion elder i will try and contact you in game and have a chat with you.
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(08 Feb, 08, 17:39)Diorandir link Wrote: most of people I know have no idea, where the hell Slovenia is

Slovenia: That part of the Yugoslav Federation which, when the shit hit the fan, left in a quiet and dignified manner while nobody was looking, without anybody getting massacred or even an exchange of rude comments...



Welcome to the forums and good luck with your application!
Your English is quite good, I think... Quite a few of us are not native Enlgish speakers, so people aren't too hard on those that make mistakes Wink
I'm one of those people who does know where Slovenia is, and I've actually visited it last summer! I loved it, especially Predjamski Grad:

[Image: IMG_0418.jpg]
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Kairos, I'm glad that you know Slovenia, and even more about my country. I won't start talking very much about those events you have mentioned due to my knowledge of English Tongue Don't speak well enough to talk about politic and such things. Tongue

Talzaroff, I'm happy you enjoy staying in Slovenia. Have you been at Predjamski Grad while there were those Days of Knights, Erazem's Knights Day with many medieval events? If you enjoy Predjamski Grad at other time, than I can imagine how much you would enjoy that Tongue Have you been in Postojna's Cave also?

And at last... Big Grin Thank you for accepting my application. Alaros, I'm looking forward to hearing from you in-game. Tongue

Have a nice dayBig Grin


Greetings and welcome, hope to see you in-game soon
IF I could just get started, I would be unstoppable !!


recruted into the kinship today. Welcome
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