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Shelob's Lair hoves into view - Kairos - 19 Feb, 20

Following the rollout of Riders of Rohan on the progression servers, Lord of the Rings just started testing Update 25.4 on the Bullroarer server.

The centerpiece of the patch is a new 12-player raid named Remmorchant, the Net of Darkness. “Far beneath the Ephel Duath, in the deepest caverns of Torech Ungol, lies the Remmorchant, the Net of Darkness. There, wreathed in webs of shadow only the Light of Earendil might hope to penetrate, lies the lair of Ungwetari, the last child of Ungoliant.”

So LoE becomes a thing again...

RE: Shelob's Lair hoves into view - Methrendomir - 07 Mar, 20

The armour stats look pretty sick. But the standard adventurer's armour's had a huge uplift too. Just annoying not retrospectively applied, so all the teals I just bought are now replaceable. There's a +20,000 armour diff on the new adventurer's heavy chest, and similar gains across the range.

BUT the raid instance armour, which is class-specific once again (not seen a new class-specific set for years!) is dripping with stats - each piece seems to have double the armour of the old teal adventurers armour, secondary stats to match, and two essence slots.

It's nice that you can now barter embers for some of the T3 instance armour instead of doing runs, but we'll need the respective T3 deeds, which I don't have. Still, I got a whole bunch of upgrades today - necklace, one of the new adventurer's teals and 3 of the top (non-trigger) essences, plus we get some quite sizable stat upgrades when we level our 5 primary virtues to 68, so the T3s are probably within reach for me soon.