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  TheWesternAlliance.org on IPv6
Posted by: Ingaras - 05 Jun, 12, 01:08 - Replies (2)

Since tomorrow will be 'World IPv6 day', the day that major internet providers like Google, Facebook, Mozilla and Microsoft start making their sites reachable over the new Internet Addressing system called IPv6, I've done some tweaking and our site should now also be fully reachable on its IPv6 address: [2a00:1c18:401:c00::586:2] !

[Image: World_IPv6_launch_banner_128.png]

  Login issues
Posted by: Thoronthor - 04 Jun, 12, 20:45 - Replies (3)

For those not able to log into the game and getting an ERROR 50000 message when trying to login.

Turbine screwed something up again during maintenance and are now ineffectually and slowly trying to fix the problem.

As of 20:18 GMT Celestrata had this to say on the Turbine forum

Quote:During our investigation, the login servers have been made unavailable once more. We are still investigating this issue, and when I get an update, I'll let you all know.

For more information visit this thread

If you are logged in and want to continue playing today, do not log out.

  F&F Down T2
Posted by: Tharelon - 15 May, 12, 21:32 - Replies (11)

Fire and Frost down in Tier 2!  :vh1:

[Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=7347.0;a...2178;image]

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  Update 7 Bullroarer Release Notes
Posted by: Eresmir - 04 May, 12, 19:31 - Replies (15)

The Bullroarer release notes (subject to change) are now available!


  Orthanc T1 raid Sunday
Posted by: Kairos - 19 Apr, 12, 15:34 - Replies (1)

As Thursday's raid was cancelled, I have posted a T1 Ortanc raid for Sunday evening (Fire & Frost and Acid wings), with priority to those who still need the deeds on their main. Sunday raids have not been very popular in the past, so we'll have to see how much interest there is.

I will in any case post another T1 raid in the near future, probably on May Day...

  Recruitment status
Posted by: Kairos - 19 Apr, 12, 14:21 - No Replies

Recruitment is now open for all classes other than Hunters and Champions. If you are interested in joining the Western Alliance, please click on the "Recruitment" link in the Information sidebar on the left.

  Wednesday Raid. Q2
Posted by: zlin - 07 Apr, 12, 01:47 - Replies (5)

Question 2 for the Wednesday raiders.

  Wednesday Raid.
Posted by: zlin - 07 Apr, 12, 01:44 - Replies (5)

Just a quick Questionnaire to find out a little more about the Wednesday raiders.

  Current raiding schedules
Posted by: Kairos - 09 Mar, 12, 07:48 - No Replies

We currently have the Lightning Wing (Steamworks) at T2C almost on farm (the last two attempts were both successful). This means a guaranteed Worn Symbol of the Elder King drop, sometimes even (as last night) a double drop. My intention is to continue running a weekly Lightning raid on Thursdays so as to get all raiders at least one FA item, with Tuesdays devoted to exploring a new wing, currently Fire & Frost.

However, I have posted an exceptional Lightning run for Tuesday 20/3 for those regular raiders who cannot come on Thursdays. Once we are confident that we can complete Lighting under pretty much any circumstances, I'll start alternating it between Thursday and Tuesday.

Under the circumstances, it becomes particularly important for those members who have declared themselves regular raiders to continue making themselves available in order to benefit from rotation. We will of course continue to be dependent upon the participation of casual or irregular raiders in order to fill the ranks. Just in case anyone is wondering, casual or last-minute participants will have equal loot rolling rights to everybody else, subject to the limitation that for the time being, members are limited to one FA item per player.

  TWA on the search engines
Posted by: Kairos - 02 Mar, 12, 13:29 - Replies (8)

Just to cheer everybody up - the kinship is still holding first position on all major search engines, including Google and DuckDuckGo:

[Image: googlewl.png]

[Image: duckduckgo.png]

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