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  Happy Holidays
Posted by: Thoronthor - 25 Dec, 13, 21:50 - No Replies

Wishing a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to all our members, friends, acquaintances and their loved ones.

- the Western Alliance Council

  Steam Autumn Sales
Posted by: Thoronthor - 27 Nov, 13, 22:48 - No Replies

A heads up to all you gamers out there, i think there might be a few here

Steam Autumn Sales have started today, check the steam shop daily for some great deals

  Emergency Network Maintenance
Posted by: Ingaras - 02 Sep, 13, 15:44 - No Replies

Just got an email that the datacentre our server is hosted in is performing emergency maintenance to one of their main routers. While they do switch to backups, there's a good chance traffic to and from the server will either be slow, interrupted or not available during the following period:

Window Commences: Monday, 02 September 2013 - 21h30 UK time
Window Concludes: Monday, 02 September 2013 - 23h59 UK time

  Lotro Forum changes
Posted by: Thoronthor - 28 Jul, 13, 15:03 - Replies (5)

From sapience:

LOTRO Community Site Revamp July 28 - Aug 1, 2013 - ESTIMATED

    On Monday July 29 at 10AM Eastern time, the LOTRO Forums will be placed into read only mode and a forum, “Temporary Discussions” will be created for each of our supported languages (English, German, and French). Posts in these forums will not be saved or copied to the new forum. It is only being created so that players can continue to interact with us and each other during the maintenance. We encourage everyone to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up to date as we will be posting updates and status changes there. If there are issues during the deployment our social media channels may be the only means available to us to update you. We currently expect the migration to take up to 4 days to complete.

    What is staying and being improved:

    Official Forums
    The forums will be upgraded to a newer version of VBulletin. Changes will include:

        The forum styling/appearance will be updated and will now scale to the full width of your browser window.
        A new “Community Digest” page that will have links to lotteries, forums, and updated news.
        The reputation system will be discontinued.
        Forum performance will be improved.
        Forums should perform better on mobile devices.

    LOTRO Lotteries
    The lottery widget is going away and a new Lottery page is taking its place. Several small changes have been made that should make it easier to see which lotteries you are eligible for, which you have entered, and your winnings after the fact. You should also now be able to see all lotteries, even if your character cannot enter them. The “no lottery” message should also now correctly state there are no lotteries running if there are no active lotteries.

    Character Copy for Bullroarer and Beta.
    The character copy system we use for Bullroarer and beta testing will be improved and easier to use.

    The following features are being discontinued:

        The LOTRO Lorebook
        Player Blogs
        PvMP leaderboards
        Skirmish Leaderboards
        Character and Kinship Data and Pages
        Signup Rewards
        Item Icons / Tooltips
        Signature System

  May Elections 2013
Posted by: Thoronthor - 14 May, 13, 23:05 - Replies (1)

Winter has come and gone and spring is making way quick, time for the summertime council to be elected.

All full members may stand for any position they wish and any full member on day one of elections may cast their vote on their favourite candidates.

Applications for candidacy start NOW

Leader elections:
May 30 to June 1st

Deputy elections:
June 2nd to June 4th

Officer election:
June 5th to June 7th

For any questions contact an officer or read the constitution (which you obviously have already done)

Good luck to all candidates.

  Mumble hickup
Posted by: Thoronthor - 22 Apr, 13, 20:01 - Replies (5)

Some of you may have noticed a minot hickup with mumble not accepting passwords today.

It sometimes happens when the mumble server stops communicating with the forum to receive the username and passwords we use. Should it happen in the future remember that the generic password will remain valid but will only work if you use a different username.

Anyway the issue has now been resolved and you may log in again using the regular settings, sorry for the inconvenience.

  TWA are Recruiting!
Posted by: Eresmir - 08 Mar, 13, 00:20 - No Replies

The Western Alliance are currently looking to boost our ranks, from casual players to eager raiders, levels 30-85, all classes and experience are welcome!

If you are interested, please visit our Recruitment Forum to get started or contact one of us in-game!

TWA Council.

  January Elections 2013
Posted by: Thoronthor - 24 Jan, 13, 16:40 - No Replies

A new year has come, time for a new council to be elected.

Voting on Leader will start on 31st of January, Elections will close with officer elections on the 8th of February.

All Members are strongly encouraged to consider standing for a term as a Council member.
If you want to stand for a post, there are now threads open in the rules section for each position, go apply!

Good luck to all candidates.

  Upwards and onwards
Posted by: Thoronthor - 01 Jan, 13, 16:40 - Replies (15)

First of, on behalf of the entire officer crew I would like to wish all our members, recruits, friends and acquaintances a Happy New Year and we hope 2013 will be a magnificent year for everyone.

2012, it has to be said, was not the easiest year in TWA history, lack of content alternated with very hard content caused many issues with member activity and class balance within the kin. However, 2012 was also the year that proved that the system of governing that we have put in place works.
Of course not without it's drama and setbacks, however the kinship is still here, still strong and still a force to be reckoned with.

It is easy to look back and see the negative sides, for example the loss of some of our older and more outspoken members, or the inability to do all of Orthanc in T2. But one should also look at these in a positive way, TWA recognises when certain personalities no longer fit and has the ability to part ways in a friendly fashion. And TWA gets further into the top end content than any other casually oriented kinship on the server.

But ultimately we should look back and see things that truly matter, 2012 saw the addition of some great new members, not only in the game but in real life as well. By my count 4 babies were born to kinship members this year, each one joyfully announced on our own forum, an unprecedented number in the kinships history. New relationships were forged and new friendships and the bonds that hold us together tightened even more.
There was also hardship, none less so than for our officer Grimdoin, but the support and compassion shown by everyone in the kinship should make clear without a doubt we are more family than kinship, and together we can conquer the most dire of situations.

In 2013 TWA will continue to strive to be a home for an eclectic mix of personalities, we will continue to strive to bring top tier content to not just the raiders but all members willing and able and wanting to do it. We will continue to provide a low pressure environment when it comes to gaming commitment, that is to say, this kin will always acknowledge that real life must and does come first while at the same time help those with less time, or less luck, as much as possible.

The game changes and the community changes, thanks to our democratic system we are one of the few kinships in the game able to deal with these changes in a timely, fair and balanced way. I hope that members realise, like me, that they are part of something unique and treasure the experience.

For 2013 I ask everyone to look upwards and onwards, to make it our greatest year yet, to bring honour to the TWA tag, to make jealous those without it, to continue to help and care for each other as you did so splendidly last year, to continue to find solutions to the problems we face as a group and not just as individuals. To work together, cry together, laugh together and curse together (usually at me).

In 2013 let's make our light shine brighter than ever.

Annui Calad

Your proud leader,

  September Elections
Posted by: Thoronthor - 12 Sep, 12, 12:43 - No Replies

This is the official announcement for the Kinship's September elections.

As of right now threads are open in the kinship rules section in which people can announce their candidacy for one of 7 seats in 3 different positions, Leader, Deputy and Officer.
Full members can put down their name up until the voting for a position is opened.

The schedule for voting is as follows:
27th September - Start Leader voting
29th September - End Leader voting

30th September - Start Deputy voting
2nd October - End Deputy voting

3rd October - Start Officer voting
5th October - End Officer voting

All deadlines will be on 20:00 PM UK time (forum time) and this will be strictly enforced.

For further information please read the kinship constitution or ask any of the officers for clarification.

Good luck to all candidates.

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