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  LotRO and DDO moving studios
Posted by: Crucio - 19 Dec, 16, 23:34 - Replies (1)

LotRO Announcement

  ArcheAge Open Beta Starts
Posted by: Crucio - 04 Sep, 14, 19:04 - Replies (8)

Today sees the start of the open beta for ArcheAge.  You can grab the client from the Trion Worlds website.

  Fresh layout
Posted by: Ingaras - 31 Mar, 14, 23:36 - Replies (38)

Hello all!

As promised, TWA has got a new look! And not only a new look, but also space for multiple games!

The entire changeover didn't go quite as planned however, as the new Events calendar turned out to have a serious flaw when I tested it on the live site, so at the moment that's still offline and you'll have to rely on the good old-fashioned Events board until I got things fixed (should be no longer than a couple of days).

Additionally there might be some lingering issues with the layout, but we'll fix them as we go and make changes as we discover that things aren't as practical as they seemed in theory. Don't like the new layout? go to your profile and you can still switch to the old one!

On top of that, we're going to need some input from you! For example the 'Games' category in the menu now points to the individual sub-forums, but could be used to point to an introductory page for the TWA chapter in that game instead! The front-page text needs some serious updating, we're very interested to have different colour accents for the pages that relate to different games and I think we can use some other 'rank symbols' than simple ***s. In other words: look at what you think can be improved and give it a try.

  Server Status
Posted by: Ingaras - 19 Jan, 14, 22:44 - Replies (3)

Hey Kinnies!

As you might notice the website appears to have lost a couple of days!

Unfortunately the server we're running on had a hard drive crash today while it was still recovering from another broken hard drive. Our hosting company has been trying to recover as much data as possible from the disk but it seems to have died completely in the process. As a result we've been moved over to a new machine with a couple of days old backup. Any missing posts, attachments from the period wednesday to sunday are likely lost.

On the upside everything should be working again, let me know if you encounter trouble.

  Happy New Year
Posted by: Thoronthor - 01 Jan, 14, 19:42 - Replies (2)

Wishing all our members and friends a happy New Year and best wishes for 2014.

May the year ahead be filled with love, laughter, friendship, fun and lots of phat loot.

- Thor

  Happy Holidays
Posted by: Thoronthor - 25 Dec, 13, 21:50 - No Replies

Wishing a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year to all our members, friends, acquaintances and their loved ones.

- the Western Alliance Council

  Steam Autumn Sales
Posted by: Thoronthor - 27 Nov, 13, 22:48 - No Replies

A heads up to all you gamers out there, i think there might be a few here

Steam Autumn Sales have started today, check the steam shop daily for some great deals

  Emergency Network Maintenance
Posted by: Ingaras - 02 Sep, 13, 15:44 - No Replies

Just got an email that the datacentre our server is hosted in is performing emergency maintenance to one of their main routers. While they do switch to backups, there's a good chance traffic to and from the server will either be slow, interrupted or not available during the following period:

Window Commences: Monday, 02 September 2013 - 21h30 UK time
Window Concludes: Monday, 02 September 2013 - 23h59 UK time

  Lotro Forum changes
Posted by: Thoronthor - 28 Jul, 13, 15:03 - Replies (5)

From sapience:

LOTRO Community Site Revamp July 28 - Aug 1, 2013 - ESTIMATED

    On Monday July 29 at 10AM Eastern time, the LOTRO Forums will be placed into read only mode and a forum, “Temporary Discussions” will be created for each of our supported languages (English, German, and French). Posts in these forums will not be saved or copied to the new forum. It is only being created so that players can continue to interact with us and each other during the maintenance. We encourage everyone to follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook to keep up to date as we will be posting updates and status changes there. If there are issues during the deployment our social media channels may be the only means available to us to update you. We currently expect the migration to take up to 4 days to complete.

    What is staying and being improved:

    Official Forums
    The forums will be upgraded to a newer version of VBulletin. Changes will include:

        The forum styling/appearance will be updated and will now scale to the full width of your browser window.
        A new “Community Digest” page that will have links to lotteries, forums, and updated news.
        The reputation system will be discontinued.
        Forum performance will be improved.
        Forums should perform better on mobile devices.

    LOTRO Lotteries
    The lottery widget is going away and a new Lottery page is taking its place. Several small changes have been made that should make it easier to see which lotteries you are eligible for, which you have entered, and your winnings after the fact. You should also now be able to see all lotteries, even if your character cannot enter them. The “no lottery” message should also now correctly state there are no lotteries running if there are no active lotteries.

    Character Copy for Bullroarer and Beta.
    The character copy system we use for Bullroarer and beta testing will be improved and easier to use.

    The following features are being discontinued:

        The LOTRO Lorebook
        Player Blogs
        PvMP leaderboards
        Skirmish Leaderboards
        Character and Kinship Data and Pages
        Signup Rewards
        Item Icons / Tooltips
        Signature System

  May Elections 2013
Posted by: Thoronthor - 14 May, 13, 23:05 - Replies (1)

Winter has come and gone and spring is making way quick, time for the summertime council to be elected.

All full members may stand for any position they wish and any full member on day one of elections may cast their vote on their favourite candidates.

Applications for candidacy start NOW

Leader elections:
May 30 to June 1st

Deputy elections:
June 2nd to June 4th

Officer election:
June 5th to June 7th

For any questions contact an officer or read the constitution (which you obviously have already done)

Good luck to all candidates.

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