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The Western Alliance in 2011: a snapshot


The Western Alliance and LOTRO were both riding high in 2011. A glance at the Events Manager page for July 2011 is a revelation, with almost every single day of the month taken up with an event. The kinship was running no fewer than three major raids at the same time: Ost Dunhoth; Barad Gularan; and Dar Narbugud, with a quick Rift of Nurz Gashu on the side! Odd days were taken up by kinship runs in Carn Dum, Urugarth, the Lost Temple and the Barrowdowns.

Thoronthor was Kinship Leader at the time; Kairos was Deputy Leader and Raids Officer, with Tharelon, Eresmir, Eowren, Ingaras and Skjalar completing the kinship Council. Incredibly, almost every one of those members is still around; some of them kept the kinship alive almost single-handedly through its fallow years, and some are now active in its revival.


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