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Minstrel Buffs

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Got some very useful advice regarding Minstrel Buffs from some experienced healers on the server. I was asking them do they trait for Anthem of War when healing. The answer for raid content was almost universally no, but each had a buffing LI that they used when traited yellow for pre-buffing. Combined with the weapon legacy, these buffs last 3 minutes.

The key thing here, considering how much of a dps race the second boss is, is the +15% melee and +20% tactical damage a fulled upgraded Anthem of War gives.

So I'm going to share their buffing LI as I copied it and recommend our minstrels do the same.

It's quite easy to make, as its non-imbued (even a third ager will do). I used a first-ager and upgraded the legacies so I would have more points to spend, but really that's not needed.

5 legacies that matter are Anthem of War (x2), CotC CD (so you can swap back and use your other anthems quickly), target resist and echoes resistance (assuming you have anthem of composure on your healing LI). So no need to use a crystal of remembrance, though I would recommend a scroll of delving.

As I said, I really think a fully upgraded Anthem of War is invaluable in these dps races, and for the price of a non-imbued LI, it's worth checking out.


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