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Friends of the West


I would just like to introduce myself, I am Crucio and I am currently the FotW officer for the kinship.  Over the next three months I am looking to make the FotW channel more active so that TWA members and FotW have more opportunites to raid, skirmish and run instances.

With this in mind we are looking to encourage like minded Kinships and individuals to join the programme.

There are some other advantages to FotW, TWA use this channel when we are in need of extra players for events.  Individuals and kinships that are part of FotW can use the channel when they are looking for additional players rather than using GLFF.  When you use the FotW channel you know you will be getting like minded players signing up!

If you any questions please feel free to contact me or any of the TWA officers in-game or send one of us a PM on the TWA forum.

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