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Application - Dagnos

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Hello I am Mathias from the cold Norway!

I am a 18 year old boy, that  puts alot of his sparetime into lotro. I have played the game since 2011 and loved every minute of it. The reason I want to join fotW is because I feel my kin does not do enough raids and such and raids is the most fun in this game in my opinion. I can talk on mumle/ts/etc and I am experienced with raiding. I am very active on lotro as well. You will see me online almost everyday Smile

I heard from this after searching around laurelin for an alliance, because I wanted to start raiding again as  I once did, and then I found this after reading the forum.

My gear is good for raiding(can check if you want), virtures are at max and I play a warden. I dont have other characters at lvl 85, but have some at lvl 65- 75.

- Dagnos



In-game /joinchannel fotw and someone will upgrade your status here on the forum so that you can sign up for events!

Welcome aboard! Smile

Btw I know someone from Norway! Smile
May the Source be with you.
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Great! and thank you.

Does he often complain about the cold weather?


The best thing about Norway is my brother moved there and now you lot have to put up with him instead of me ^_^ Wlcome to FoTW Dagnos!
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Welcome, Friend of the West!


Never heard none norwegian play lotro, great to hear that there are some Smile and thank you threclo!

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