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Alaros application to join


Alaros lvl 21 Elf Champion.

My name is Alaros an old elf who fought in the War of Wraith and also in the battle of the last alliance between us elves and man.
I hail from the great retreat known as Imladris or Rivendale in the tongue of man of which i am proud to say i helped to craft some of its finest bridges. After centuries enjoying my time in Imladris i must admit i forgot most of my fighting ability. It wasn?t until Thorin and company came by on he's quest to slay the dragon Smaug only 80 or so years ago that my thirst to cleanse the land, of evil returned to me. After speaking with Master Elrond about my desires, he posted me to the refuge of Edhelion so that i could regain my fighting skills. After many of my bretherin were slain in the fall of Edhelion i decieded to walk the world seeking vengence on thoses who work to destroy all the work us elves have done shaping this world.
A young dwarf known as Thoronthor informed me of this new alliance between the free peoples of middle earth and I believe it is the only way in which the dark forces of middle earth can be destroyed forever before I leave for the undying lands.

My name is Kris Birney Im from Kent U.K Im 20 yrs old. Ive played several MMORPGs at low levels and have dabbled previously in RP and would like to take it further


thats "young MAN" thoronthor  :o  i guess the dwarf armour must have fooled you, but nevermind im sure everyone will be happy to have you aboard.


Thank you kindly for your application Alaros.  I will try and chat to you in-game soon (assuming I can get online - I'm having terrible troubles with my character getting stuck as everyone else in the guild knows :-( )


ahh an elf, I wonder how Annawyn, since she is from Rohan, will react to that!

Looking forward to having you on board Smile


Hi Alaros, Nice to have u on board.


Nice to have you on board, good to have another race in the Kinship Smile
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Welcome on board mate. Arlon probably will have to get used to fight alongside with Elves now I guess. He's not really that fond of them, but he'll have to learn. Tongue

I think Edhellion fell at least 500 years ago. Not that I'm trying to police or anything, cause I don't know for sure myself, but I was just wondering. Smile
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Sorry, Alaros - I keep missing you.  I think we are always online at different times.  I've not forgotten about you!

I've asked my officers to look out for you, so don't be alarmed if you start getting /tells from them for a chat :-)

It sure would be nice to have another Elf on board, as there are too many sweaty blokes here.


After a solid chat with Alaros, i invited him into the Kinship.

Give a welcome to our newest member, and Our first Champion in kinship.
Lets hope more will follow of his kind.
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Great!  I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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