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billmays have joined the alliance :)


hey all!

i was with some of you on a drago run and got asked to join the alliance for a test at least, here i am  ;D
i hope i will get used to all new people (again)

i am 16 years old, lives in the cold north of Denmark, having 3 lvl 75's atm, my huntard: Maysione, my RK: Maysimly.. and ofc my lovely cappy: Billmays
burg upcoming Smile

see you around in game  :wave1:


Hey mate, welcome to the forums and FotW!  Big Grin

Catch you in-game.

P.S. Invites for raid will be called via FotW 10 mins before start time.
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Ola Bill!

Glad to have you aboard mate!

P.S. I know someone from Denmark!
May the Source be with you.
The Art of Warg

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Welcome friend of the west!


Welcome - was nice to have you in tonight's raid  Smile
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Yeah it was brilliant! lets hope their all that smooth  Big Grin
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i remember that name.. your hunter helped out my burg in forochel a good while ago. *waves hello*


#Ximenes if it was my hunter its some time ago, far from liking the class anymore  :ough1:
#rest: thanks for having me  :vh1: and if anyone els wants to do the raids im not afraid of leaving  ;D

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