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Introducing Lux Arcana - a kin joining Friends of the West


Welcome to fotw


Welcome, Arcanists - or should that be Lucifers?
I look forward to seeing you on some of our future raids.
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Hi Everyone!

Another Luxer here :wave1:

I am relatively new to Lux Arcana been with them about 2 months now. I am actually an old kin mate of both of your newest members Eledhin and Capua Smile

I was second in command in Balrogs Breakfast but as both Eledhin and Capua have no doubt told you we lost alot of members due to various RL situations and SWTOR :angry3:

Anyway....some info on me Smile

I am 27, married, have 2 young boys and live in sunny Yorkshire Wink

My main: Aeowin lv75 Champ (Elf)

Alts: Aeowynne-lv52 Guardian (Man...well race of man Smile)
        Araylia-lv56 Hunter (hobbit)
        Aeomond-lv39 Captain (man)
        Aeohad-lv46 Warden (Elf)
        Ivorn-lv50 Mini (Dwarf)
        Thalodin-lv42 RK (Dwarf)
        Bennjamin-lv34 LM (Man)
        Aeodoc -lv26 Burg (Hobbit)

Been playing LOTRO for about 2 years. Haven't done much raiding but that is mainly due to old laptop not being able to handle more than 8 characters in the full throws of battle...I am getting a new PC in April so hopefully be able to join in on the fun and chaos of raiding with more than 8 people at a time then ;D


Welcome to FotW!  Smile


Welcome all Smile


Greetings Lux Arcanites! Strangely enough I recognize your kinship name from that "other" game (mentioned a couple of times in this thread). Unfortunately for them, they have chosen the wrong side. Wink
Sando - Minstrel // Rissa - Burglar // Adelrisk - Guardian // Tember - Hunter
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There is no try, there is only hobbits, hobbits everywhere!


Hello to the Western Alliance.

I'm one of the Luxerinos, who came to Middle Earth following the mass evacuation of Telon and the Vanguard MMO. I still struggle getting over not being a stinky Goblin Disciple and revelling in appalling body odours and disgraceful eating habits, so I can sometimes be found making friends in the wrong places, that's round the back of the Prancing Pony in the after-hours drinking-den.

Having a great time playing LOTRO although my work life plays havoc with my gaming - I have to disappear overseas for weeks at a time.

Like a lot of LA I suffer from terrible Alto-holism but if a toon starts with Z.E.B/P it's bound to be one of mine.

I've got three lvl 75's:  Zebulina    Hobbit Minstrel (probably the class I know best)
                                    Zebula        Elven Loremaster (a bit of a novice in Raids but greatly enjoy playing him)
                                    Zepherine  Elven Pew Pew (sums this one up really)

Looking forward to joining up with you all in some heavy duty raid adventures.




Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you on FOTW

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Hello folks of the Western Alliance.

Next Luxer in line is Thrungori (me, if anyone was wonderiing...)

I joined Lux Arcana LotRO division about a year ago (?), but started the game somewhere in 2009. Then I was part of a small kinship called the Eternal Wanderers. But early 2010 that kin was falling apart, so I joined Leaves of the Malinorni.
As some friends from Eternal Wanderers wasn't really interested or ready for raiding I kept some alts with them in another kin, the Children of Eriador. But as Leaves started struggling to get people online I moved completely there after a few months.
Alas, I seem ridden with bad luck. (Or it could be the smell of Dwarves...) Leaves of Malinorni fell apart as well.

That was about the time Lux got onto the servers so on the day exactly one year after I joined Leaves I switched to Lux. And have been there ever since. Actually, about the time I joined Leaves I was looking at The Western Alliance as well.
(Looking at this I kind of look like a Kin-swapper,  :ough1: But I don't plan on leaving Lux any time soon...)

At the moment I have been raiding with some friends from the time in Leaves, but come next week I will try to sign up for FotW activities, if you let me that is...)

Real life;
I am 41 and recently moved to Linköping, Sweden, to work with software development for mobile communications, in a multi-national company with 100k+ employees. A big change for me as I was self-employed from -98 up until summer 2011.
Been playing MMOs since the first few days of UO. Where I ever was part of 1 guild ever for the about 6 years I played.  Wink

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