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Introducing Lux Arcana - a kin joining Friends of the West


Hail Western Alliance, Friends of the West,

Please allow me to introduce Lux Arcana. We're a multigame Guild with a division of passionate players in LotRO since October 2010.
We have a portal on luxarcana.org should anyone want to take a peek at our little corner on the web. Some of our players are veterans
like myself but most activity currently is in lower level content. Over the past two months we lost some endgame raiders which
made kin raids very difficult. In our search for a kin to form an Alliance with we came across TWA. Some of your newer members have
ties with us which made the decision to contact Thoronthor quite easy. After initial contact it quickly became clear there could be
a good match between the two of us. I would like to thank TWA for the invitation for all Lux people to join as Friends of the West!

Enough on the kin stuff, some things about myself:

Main char: Grimdoin (GRD)
Alts: Andahlia (BRG), Annare (MNS), Grimdoir (CHM), Tommelhood (HNT) and some lower level ones
Personal details: male, age 36, married and 2 kids, live in the Netherlands and been playing lotro since 10-2007


You and Lux Arcana are very welcome indeed Grimdoin!
As I'm sure Thor said, have anyone interested post in this thread and get them to "/joinchannel fotw" and we'll see you all in-game!  Smile


Welcome to FotW! Looking forward to meet you ingame.
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Welcome and I'm looking forward to meeting you in the FotW channel or a raid!
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Yeah very warm welcome to you all! Feel free to advertise/join anything you see in FoTW as you please, any troubles there's normally a TWA officer around somewhere very willing to lend a hand Big Grin
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Hi everyone

Just joined as am an officer in Lux Arcana and we are working with you on a raiding and grouping alliance.

Within our kin I organise events most evenings so likely will be in the channel seeing who can help out a lot Smile I have been playing lotro for a few years and introduced it to lux. originally I was kin leader but started teacher training, and had a daughter, and that just killed my gaming time so I stepped down. Things have lightened up though so helping the kin grow again after it dipped when swtor (boo hiss) was released. I love my football (hence the log in name) and generally just chill and play lotro plus a few other, non-mmo games (Killing Floor, Dawn of War II and Dungeon Defenders currently)

As for Lotro info ....

Main char: Monin (Champ)
Alts: Yido (Guard), Yiddo (Hunter) and Rikenbacka (Mini) with a spattering of other alts
Personal details: male, age 42 (43 this saturday), engaged with 1 daughter who is nrearly 2, live in the UK and been in Lotro for about 3 years. Started MMO's in SWG (was there on the final day), vanguard for several years.

Hope to see people around and look forward to working together.


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welcome both, hope you don't mind I merged your thread with this one yiddo, will keep it more organised.

And as you will no doubt find out, we love keeping things organised :p


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The next Lux-er who makes his appearance on the TWA forum. I’ll keep it short, below some info and hope to meet the rest of you ingame!

Main char: Aseith (CHM)
Alts: Aseeth (CPT), Asvar (RNK) and some low level noobs
Personal details: male, age 36, married and 2 kids, live in the Netherlands and been playing lotro since 2008


Welcome all  Smile
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