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Application - Cryana



I am Cryana, a level 75 Champion currently residing in Fellowship of the Song and have been for over four years.  I believe some of my kin members are already part of this programme and I would like to express my interest in joining as well.

Many of you might not have seen me around much at all until recently.  With the release of Isengard, I have been PvEing a lot more than I usually do and would certainly like to be able to play with good people in order to maximise the fun in game.  Cryana is not my only character, I also play as Buttercups a hobbit guardian, Butterberry a hobbit burglar, Venessiel an elf rune-keeper and Nythra a hobbit hunter.  However, with the level rise to 75 I will not be actively working on any of these alts for the time being.

I have a presence on creep side and I believe quite a few TWA members are in Karn Aanug with me.  Grimmjaw is the first that comes to mind because I know his freep is Thoronthor, Akrar comes to mind too but I don't know who his freep is and I'm sure there are others too.  Creeps normally know me under the name Famous, though I no longer play under these names anymore.

Look forward to playing with you in game!


Welcome to the board Cryana! Hope you had a good time in our raid the other day!


Welcome to Fotw!
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welcome famous


Welcome to FotW Cryana!
Just /joinchannel fotw and we'll see you around. Its always our first port of call when we need numbers!


Welcome to FotW  Smile


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Welcome Famous!
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Ola! It's me!
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