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Hey FotW and TWA,

Eresmir and a couple of my old SB fellows shoved me in the direction of this site a few months back but only recently have I really had the time to properly start playing LotRO again.

For those (read: the majority) of you who don't know me; my character's name is Elenarn, an Elvish chimp of unmatched wit, charm and bravado (read: full of himself). I first showed up in Laurelin in mid-2007 and joined the Northwind Free Company just after the mass excursion to AoC in early 2008. So a big shout out to Arathrandir and Ninetoes in particular!

I was subsequently invited to join the SB and raided regularly with them until the release of Moria. It was around this time that I left the game for medical reasons. Long story short; I picked a fight with a bus and lost...

The decision to return to the game was an easy one once I found I had some free time on my hands. Unfortunately I'll never be able to play as often as I'd hoped/used to and so can't exactly justify joining a kin, but I hope FotW will offer me some opportunities to play end-game content. Joined in on a FotW run to the NCF during the week, which was great for a noob to the instance.

All in all, looking forward to seeing some old faces and hopefully meeting some new ones!



Hey Ele, welcome to FotW! Make sure you join our channel (/joinchannel fotw) and we'll cya in-game


You are more than welcome mate. Smile

P.S. Btw if you do want to join the kin we have no requirements that state you have to be active a certain amount. Indeed we have many members who only log in once a week or so to have a chat, etc.
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Welcome to Friends of the West. I would agree with Bel, if you are ever looking for a kinship we're here.

Good to see you again after al that time!  :vh1:


Nice to see you back El and glad to hear that in the end you were victorious over that bus. Big Grin
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Welcome, welcome
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Will there will be revange? You know... that bus when you not looking telling everybody how it won with you Wink

Welcome Smile
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Cheers for the welcome everyone. Great to see that so many of the old guard have remained online!

And in answer to your question Clifford; a court order now legally prohibits me from taking public transport...
You see they've just lost too many buses already!  :pirate1:


Welcome Ele Smile

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