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Introducing Brunt/Felathurin/Agathe/Serindel - Kinship Serenity

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Hail Friends of the West, some of you might know me as Brunt/Felathurin/Agathe/Serindel and I am in the Kinship Serenity. Of old I used to participate in the raiding Alliance The Silverblades and this is where I know Thoronthor from and some of your other members scattered over the different kinships. I have not been very active raiding-wise the last year or more but with the new announced content in sight I have changed that and together with my kinship we are trying to get some regular raids filled again. Now Serenity is a relatively old kinship but with only a small core of active endgame players at the moment. We have been struggling to fill our kinship raids and had some mixed results from picking up people from globallff.

There for I recently spoke with Thoronthor and asked admittance to the Friends of the West program for my Kinship and joined the ingame fotw userchannel. Last Thursday was our first DN raid where we picked up some people from the Alliance and it was a very smooth and nice run for all involved. The leader of our kinship is Tillion (many alts) and our main raid leader at the moment is Chudaphor, take a look at our site if your interested at: http://serenitylotro.dkpsystem.com

At the moment we are starting up our raiding regularly with Dar Narbugud and Watcher Runs and are planning to get more of our own people interested and geared up for the higher tier raids. We will be sure to ask in the fotw channel when needed and if your have any questions or concerns be sure to contact me or any of our officers ingame or on our forums.

Personally I would also very much like to apply for fotw status on your forums, I will be concentrating on our own kinship raids primarily but will be very willing to fill up any open spots that might appear in your events.

We are looking forward to our cooperation and are glad to be welcomed into the Alliance as speaking for Serenity Kinship.


It is good to see you on our forum, Brunt. Good luck with the raiding.  Big Grin


Welcome to FOTW, Brunt. make urself at home.
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Welcome to our forum! I've arranged your FotW access here, and I hope we'll be able to fill up each others numbers when needed!
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Welcome, Brunt. I am TWA's raiding officer, so it is a particular pleasure to welcome you and your kinship to the FOTW program.

Our principal kinship raiding activity at the moment is focused on Barad Guldur, and while these raids are currently over-subscribed most of the time, you are certainly welcome to check them out on our events schedule in case there should be last-minute openings for certain classes. However, we also run less regular raids in DN and elsewhere, which your members will likewise be welcome to sign up for (once they have registered on these forums); by the same token, I am sure any of our members who are free on any particular night will be happy to join a Serenity raid, if there should be any slots open.

Once Update 2 arrives our principal raiding group will immediately start tackling Ost Dunhoth, probably directly at tier 2 level, but we are hopeful of also getting together a second, perhaps slightly more casual raiding group for the new instances, and there again any of your members who are registered will be able to sign up in advance for events.

Good hunting!
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hey fela you are very welcome from me. two of my best moments in the game involed your lore master. one in DN when we were just starting it and only me and you alive and expected to die but amazingly we didnt. it took ages tho to take down 3 of the nameless. second was your insistance we did the blind one even tho we had wiped on him over and over and no one wanted to do it. But we did!

You must have been hacking that night!


Ola Brunt! Akrar here, welcome to FOTW!
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Welcome to FOTW!


Hey Brunt, welcome  Smile
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hey brunt, welcome to fotw Smile

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