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What is Friends of the West?

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Friends of the West used to be a program to create close ties between individuals/Kinships and our own Kinship.

Recently, FOTW is very simply a LFF tool.

Via our ingame user chatchannel  you can search for groups doing content or pick up that one missing member for your fellowship.
Why not use GlobalLFF you ask? Because we hope to gather a group of friendly knowledgeable people within the FOTW channel and take away the hit and miss preposition you get when using a very public channel like GlobalLFF.
To begin with all members of The Western Alliance will be using this channel when in need of an extra player.
And we hope to bring other established and respected Kinships into the fold.
In the end our goal is that when you use the FOTW channel you can be assured of getting a quality player into your group.

To accomplish this however we ask that everyone be selective about passing on details of the channel, close friends and kinship members should not be a problem, however posting the channel details on a public channel would be a definite no-no.

Friends of the West status on the forum.

There is also the possibility of getting the Friends of the West status on our forum, this will allow you to see certain boards on the forum normally reserved for members and allow you to sign up to TWA events and other functions.
FOTW forum access will be given on a case by case basis, and usually by invite of an officer. Simply being in the FOTW channel does not guarantee you the FOTW forum access.
For Kinships wanting closer ties with TWA other arrangements can be made.

If you have any other questions, or you are an officer of a kinship and want to ask about the possibilities of the FOTW program please do not hesitate to contact an officer ingame of to send me a PM via this forum.

For FOTW rules please click here

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